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A school for children aged 4 to 18 preparing for GCSE exams and A Level for Polish as a foreign language. Classes are held on Saturdays from 9:00 to 12:00 at Bluecoat Beechdale Academy, Harvey Road, Nottingham.

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Est. 1951

(Registered Charity No. 1139846)

News 2019-2020

On September 14th we celebrated International Dot Day. On this day we could see students dressed in outfits full of dots. The teachers also took part in the events taking pictures of themselves within a dotted picture frame.  The lessons had special activities such as: painting dots on a large sheet of paper as demonstrated by the youngest group,  creating coloured images from one dot in class 2A by launching an application on the mobile phones in class 10. Class 5 on the other hand, celebrated Dot Day by recording an interesting video that you can watch in our story.  The culmination of the day was funny photographs taken with the dotted picture frame using various props.

We invite you to take a look through our gallery and we would also like to thank everyone who took part in the International Dot Day.

International Dot Day

New School Year 2019/2020

On the 7th September, 2019 we met again at the Polish School to start the new school year.

The school Director, Mrs. Katarzyna Satława-Rusin started the proceedings by leading everyone into singing the Polish National Anthem. She then provided the introductory speech and welcomed parents and students gathered in the main hall.  We welcomed last years GCSE and A Level students and congratulated them on their great exam results. The students received Diplomas and small gifts. The teachers received flowers as a thank you for preparing the students for their exams. Following a short reminder regarding the school regulations, the teachers led this years students to their classes.

We invite you to view the photographs below taken at the event and we wish all our students good results and fruitful learning in the new school year, 2019/2020.

28.09.2019 Macmillan Coffee Morning !

" When you grow up, you discover you have two hands, one to help yourself and the other to help others.."

We started this morning on an exceptionally sweet note!

Cakes, cookies, cupcakes and coffee. 🍩🍮🎂🍰🍪☕

For the first time, our school joined the Macmillan Coffee Morning campaign to support people affected by cancer. But we already know that this is not the last time!

We thank our teachers for preparing delicious cakes, classes A1 and GCSE led by Mrs. Joanna Sikorski Adamowicz  for help in selling the cakes and to our dear parents for being actively involved in the campaign!

The total raised was £234.07 !! We believe that next year we will break this record, because if not us, who will?! Together we can do more!

Below is a short picture report from the days activities.

12.10.2019  Teachers Day!

The student council wishes all teachers a Happy Teachers Day ;-)


On the 12 October, the formal welcome celebrations for students joining classes 1A and 1B took place. On this important day the children presented themselves to the the parents and school director. Welcome to the Polish School! 👩‍🎓👨🏼‍🎓

Sports Day took place on the 16 November 2019. 🏅. There was a fantastic atmosphere all the way through the event. The program for the day contained lots of sport and movement games in which all classes took part. Together, in this way, we are celebrating the 101st aniversary of Polands Independence. The event was prepared and led by Mr. Krzysztof Matuszewski with the help of teachers and the parents committee. 🤗


Student cards ready for collection …

School Correspondence

Newsletter service

Dear Parents/Guardians

     With the ubiquitous use of electronic communications and in order to be more caring to the environment we are introducing an email newsletter service. The service will start from January 1st 2020. We will send all important messages, letters and school correspondence to your email address.



      We would like to ask you to activate your newsletter subscription. This can be done by filling in the consent form on line (link below) or by printing the form and handing in the completed form to the class teacher. do 7 grudnia 2019.

Z poważaniem,

Katarzyna Satława-Rusin


#barburka #klasa9

BARBÓRKA - Miners Day

GCSE: Current and future  study and employment.



Thank you very much to all who participated and helped in the Christmas market and all those who provided gifts for the market. 🥰 Children, teachers and parents were all involved to help us raise £2050.63, all of which will be used for the benefit of the school.

This is the best Christmas present from your hearts 🎁💞💝

Wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas,

                                                              Parents Committee.



Snowmen standing in the  frost …

Children decorating the gingerbread



On December 14th, the “Christmas Play” took place at the Polish School. It was produced by the theatre club. Class 10 students were helping during the performance but the carols were sung by everyone under the baton of the music club students.  We all had the opportunity to feel the magic of Christmas approaching.

klasa 2a

Class 2a in a magical setting, in other words, santa’s little helpers ....❄️❄️🎅

December is a month where the elves have their hands full,  just like in the picture here! Who else has such special powers?  🤔😀



Traditional Christmas Eve Dinner


Wośp Finale 2020 at our school. Thank you for your support 🥳🥰🤗


12 stycznia o godzinie 12.00 Rozpoczynamy Wielki Finał

Zabawy dla najmłodszych – głośno i kolorowo rozpoczynamy zabawę z chustą. Powitamy Robin Hooda wraz z Lady Marion. W kąciku dla dzieci kolorowanki, malowanie twarzy, balony w kształcie Serduszek oraz słodka wata cukrowa. Póżniej poznamy kowboja Henryka Żarski – Małe lasso – Pokaz dla dzieci.

12.30 – pierwsze granie rozpoczynamy z PavsonPav Paweł Trefon po nim Charl Stone

13.20 – Dzieci mają głos, czyli Kółko Muzyczne Polskiej Szkoły oraz karaoke dla najmłodszych

14.00 – Ruch to zdrowie, Taniec to radość; czas na występ gimnastyczny Next Dance, po nim

Wszyscy do Zumby. Chwila odpoczynku przy słuchanie śpiewu Natalii Wierzbowskiej i ponownie

Taniec tym razem towarzyski Harwood School Dancing w Sutton in Ashfield.

15.10 – szkoła Next Dance z pokazem tańca, przerwa w tańcu, czyli występ Charl Stone a po nim dziki zachód – Taniec kowbojski oraz strzelanie z bata

16.10 – Uwielbiamy tańczyć wieć Zumba, a po niej drugi występ PavsonPav Paweł Treflon oraz

Ostatnia szansa na spróbowanie sił z Lasso

17.10 – pokaz walk bokserskich, Natalia Wierzbowska dla przypomnienia a zara po niej karaoke, Czyli wspólne śpiewanie

18.15 – na zakończenie gorący występ zespołu Good Friend Rik

19.00 – pożegnanie, Światełko Do Nieba


Klasa 5b: Nowy Rok= Nowe Wyzwania! 😊


Class 5b:   New year = new challenges! 😊



Klasa 2a:  Rok ma 12 miesięcy...

Class 2A:  A year has 12 months ….



🎩        Czapki! Maski! Chodźcie z nami! Karnawał zaprasza nas!💃🕺 🎉🎉🎉

🎩          Hats! Masks! Come with us!  The Carnival invites us! 💃🕺🎉🎉🎉



" U babci jest słodko świat pachnie szarlotką..." ♥️ 👴👵

Laurki z okazji Dnia Babci i Dziadka przygotowane przez uczniów z kółka plastycznego .. 🥰😍😍

Its sweet at grandma’s house. The world smells like apple pie. ♥️ 👴👵

Happy grandma and grandad’s day as prepared by the art club.🥰😍😍


Anchor: klasa 5#kitchen

Klasa 5a w kadrze! 😊 🎥🎞️🎬      

  Class 5 a in the frame! 😊  🎥��️🎬


#kitchen #kitchen



Everyone needs a moment to relax during hard work ..



The carnival ball started at 13.30🥳. These are the last preparations. Its cold and windy outside but inside its hot and 🥰and  joyful.


I Like this! 👍



Attractiveness of Poland



Why is homework only for students?



Poznań Goats



On the 29th February, the second Mother Language Day was

held in our school, the first being held last year. Going along with many other schools in the world, we took on the task of showing the students the richness of the mother language, which is not only grammar and spelling, but the history of Poland and Poles hidden in the words. The main theme that students discussed with teachers was based on the sentence: Changing the world for the better. The work of Stefan Żeromski was read, social problems were compared to those of several decades ago to those of the present time, but also playing with words,  descriptions, dialect and metaphors new language terms were learned. Selected students from classes 6 - A1 also participated in a writing competition in which they could show their imagination, lightness of the pen and also empathy because the topics were on bringing help. Winners will be selected and prizes awarded soon!


Students from the art club will learn new types of art  in each class. This time we present to you Agamographs - day and night in one drawing 🌞🌛 🥰😊 is it possible? Check it out! 😊