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The start of the 2018/19 school year

The first Saturday is now behind us, and yet it doesn’t seam that long ago when we said goodbye to teachers and school friends as we made plans for summer holidays. The holidays are now past but there are always memories and impressions that we can share. 🙂

We wish all students a happy and successful school year!


Boy’s day at our school ☺️ All the best to our boy’s!!!! On the 29th September, our student council provided a lot of attractions for our boy’s.  There were football competitions as well as competitions related to women’s beauty.  In order to select the ‘Boy of 2018’ extra time was needed to decide between two finalists. 😉 In the end, the winner and ‘Boy of 2018’ was Konrad. Here are some photographs from the event.

The best moment on the day was the kankan, danced by the boys 😉


All our fantastic teachers have lots of patience for their students. For teaching and for their great support we present a ‘bouquet of  wishes’.


We welcome the children from class 1B formally among our students. We wish them pleasant and fruitful moments spent in our school.🙂

For the GCSE and A-Level students from 2017/18,  we congratulate them on their great exam results.🙂

On Saturday, October 13th, there was a lot going on in our school😀

Even before the start of school, the teachers were pleasantly surprised. The student council had prepared cup cakes which they handed out to the teaching staff on the occasion of Teachers Day.

At 10:30,, the ceremony of becoming a student started. Our youngest heroes, students from class 1B, sang songs, danced and answered questions  in front of the audience.  They coped very well 😊

Students from class 1A also took part in the ceremony.  All the year 1 students were supported by older students from the GCSE class ,who were the co-organisers of the ceremony.

On the same day, last year’s exam classes received their well deserved diplomas.

October 13th, 2018 will undoubtedly remain in our memory as a day full of impressions and emotions.


The youngest students at our school happily celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence. The Polish national anthem resounded with a loud voice and filled the corridors of our school.

All Souls' Day at the Cemetery of Polish Airmen in Newark

On October 28th  , 2018, representatives from our school participatd in All Souls' Day at the Cemetery of Polish Airmen in Newark. The ceremony began at 14:30 with a march from the General Sikorski monument.

Despite the cool weather, our group, composed of students and parents under the leadership of Mr. Rafał Orzech, proudly represented the school. A tribute to the fallen soldiers was the laying of a commemorative wreath at the foot of the cross by students from class 6A, Daniel and Zosia together with their teacher.   Following the commemoration, we were invited to Newark town hall for cakes, coffee and tea. Our young students especially liked the cakes 😀


On the 10th November, our Polish School organised an assembly to celebrate Polands Independence. It was a very special moment for us, because this year we celebrate the centenary  of Polands Independence. Students from classes 8 and 9 began the proceedings with a short history and visualisation of how important this day is to us. This year our school also took part in the National Reading day, where fragments from “Przedwiośnia" by Stefan Żeromski were presented. Everyone was focused and listened to the track in silence. It brought the listeners closer, though in part, to the beauty of polish literature. Following this, the students listened to patriotic songs performed by students form the school music club.

The young performers were received with great enthusiasm and huge applause. After the performance, the results of the school competition entitled "POLSKIE DROGI DO NIEPODLEGŁOŚCI" (POLISH ROADS TO INDEPENDENCE) was presented. Winners were selected by voting in two categories:  artistic and literary. Congratulations to the winners !!!!. There were also special guests. Mrs. Stanisława Łoś and Vicar Janusz Sroka, who also said a prayer for the fallen soldiers, spoke about the importance of a FREE POLAND.

The whole ceremony ended at 12 o’clock with the singing of the polish national anthem. Thank you to everyone for taking part and celebrating such a beautiful anniversary with us.


Uczniowie z naszej szkoły laureatami konkursu fotograficznego „Polska w obiektywie polonijnego dziecka” 2018 😄 Wielkie gratulacje dla Pauliny i Pawła Kneby!!!

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Poland’s Independence, a literary and plastic competition was organised entitled "Polish road to independence". The goal of the competition was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland’s Independence and to explore the history of Poland and poles. The competition was organised into three age groups - youngest group (reception - KL. 3), middle group (KL. 4 - KL. 7) and the oldest group (KL. 8 - A-level). On November 10, 2018, the winners were chosen and the prizes were given out. The winners are shown here.

Congratulations to the  winners and thank you to all participants for the stunning work presented!

November 11 2018, is undoubtedly one of the most important days in our history and it is also in our hearts forever. Above all, one hundred years have passed since Poland regained it’s Independence. For one hundred years, Poland has existed on the world map. I was also a day when we had the opportunity to listen to a concert of patriotic songs and poetry, prepared by pupils and scouts.  Both Saturday schools were involved in the celebrations.  

The celebrations were also an occasion to bring together many Poles. This is one of the most enjoyable outcomes of such celebrations. Its a fact that we have always been able to unite when the need arises. We are able to discuss together and get involved in the affairs of Poles and pass on the ideas to the younger generation.

Thank you very much to everyone who helped in organising the event and, in particular, to Mrs Elżbieta Boik and Marta Sobieraj for making it happen.

On the 24th November, two events, prepared by the Students council,  took place. The first one, keeping our youngest children in mind, was “Teddy Bear Day”. On this day, the children could bring their favourite soft toy and have their photograph taken with it. In addition, any soft toys that required extra hugs were donated to a children’s home in Poland. The second event was entitled „Katarzynki i Andrzejki”. Katarzynki is a Polish custom, which was most popular at the end of the nineteenth century and intended for bachelors. Andrzejki - St. Andrews day - students from the older classes could take part in fortune telling to see what awaits them in love and marriage, and girls with the name ‘Catherine’ could listen to poems specially arranged for them. Photographs from the events are presented here.

Our school became involved with a project organised by  „Wspólnota Polska” - Postcards for the white and reds.     Schools in Poland and polish schools outside of Poland, prepared postcards for the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining Independence.

Soft toys collected by our students and passed on to a childrens hospital and home in Poland. 😊

Our students are having a rest from the school and are preparing for Christmas with their families.  But what sort of Christmas woiuld it be be without goodness, empathy and good will.  Our students know this and that is why in this magical time they remember elderly and lonely people. Class 3a  was motivated to do something. Take a look for your selves.

Stowarzyszenie mali bracia Ubogich

Our school took part in the activity of  "Exchanging Postcards" organised by  the web site Students from classes 1 - 6 sent postcards to schools in Poland. We received postcards in return as well as letters. A big thank you to the students and to the teachers for their hard work and commitment! We hope that there will be more such actions in our school! 🙂

The show was part of the fund raising event for The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity❤️

On Saturday, 12th January, our school theater group, under the direction of Ms. Marta Kozłowska,  presented a great performance of ‘The Little Match Girl’.  The young actors were very engaged in presenting  their characters. Lets give our young actors some applause for their superb perfomance.  👏👏👏

Its hard to believe that the 27th Final of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is now history. It’s therefore easy to believe that we played with the Foundation for the fourth time! Twice!! The first time was on January 12 at our school, and then on January 13 at a neutral venue, The Running Horse pub. We collected donations to buy medical equipment for Polish hospitals to improve medical care offered to newborns. Thanks to the amazing WOSP crew, we managed to organize many different performances and attractions. Performances by the school theater group, zumba show, performances by the dance school ‘Next Dance’, Bingo, games for children, audience-warming music bands: Good Friend Rik, Old Stones and Pawel will remain in our memories for a long time.


Thanks to all of them, thanks to our amazing volunteers, sponsors and wonderful people who joined in, we managed to collect £4,519.78, a sum almost three times the amount raised last year. We thank everyone of good heart and we hope that in a year we will be able to meet up again with an even bigger group. So that the Great Orchestra of Christmas can play to the end of the world and one day longer!!!  

(Some photographs courtesy of Rafał Edek Promotion.)

27 Finał Wielkiej Orkiestry Świątecznej Pomocy

Extra-curricular activities🙂

In the Polish language class, we combine hard work with great fun. Everyone will find something they enjoy!